Monday, November 7, 2011

Science class in 31 Senior High School

hi, i'm Farhan. i'm an eleventh grader science class in 31 Senior High School, Jakarta. So, 31 SHS is a great school in Jakarta. And i'm proud to be a part of it. This school is actually the biggest school in East Jakarta Area. When you walk into this school, i bet you're gonna have a jaw-dropping moment for sure because this school is actually really really extremely fully large!!!!
Now, about the science class i got in, i'm in 11th-science two, or to be more priciest this class called VENTRACEND.
well, this class is so crowded with smart students including me.and there are also a lot of creative students too. and there are many organisations that my friend from the class has joined. and the leader of many extracurriculars are also in my class, they are my self, Michael, Kemal, Distya, Santini, and many more.
this is the list of them

1. Kemal, Yuda, Dede, Farhan(that's me) ( we are BPH rohis)
2. Awalia saraswati sekretasris OSIS dan VOGUE
3. Bimo Anugrah ketua MPK dan bendahara KIR
4. Michael Maruli, Franz jipri, Itamar Pascana ( they are BPH rohkris)
5. Sani ketua PASKIB
6. Farhan (that's me again) ketua Basket.
7. Dede ketua PMR
8. Vivi sekretaris sama bendahara PMR
9. Ica itu wakil ketua KIR
10. Distya itu ketua Cheerleader 31 (TOC)
11. Ardi itu ketua EXIT
12. Sinta wakil ketua dance 31.
13. Aulia Imania wakil ketua ekskul tari tradisional

this picture is when my basketball team is gather around with the seniors preiod 1984.

and this my class, VENTRACEND!!

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